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Cozycomo Chiang dao – Vieng Mek

We built two small cottages out of second hand teak wood and old northern style roof tiles on a one- acre plot and left much of the land for green landscape of lawn, wild shrubs, and matured longan trees. In January and February, our front yard by the road Baan Thum – Toong Lakorn presents quite a scenic sight of flowers; bright yellow Fai Kam, splash orange Puang Saed, dark blue An Chan and a sea of pinkish wild weeds quivering in Chiangdao winter breeze. Longan’s season is from August to September. These trees are in the back yard. Guests visiting during this time will have chance to pick and try this famous fruit of Thailand.

We name the two cottages Vieng Mek, and Pha Mok respectively. Mek and Mok are Thai words for clouds and mists that cover Doi Luang Chiangdao most of the time. The magnificent view of this third highest mountain of Thailand ( 2225 meter) is seen right from the cottages’ balcony. Doi Luang Chiangdao marks the end of the Himalaya Range that spreads through five countries in India sub continent, snaking down through the southern part of China, Myanmar, Laos to end at Chiang Dao in northern-most Thailand. Due to this geographic connection, Doi Luang Chiang Dao has specific plants and flowers that were carried away from East Himalaya, bearing a specific name with Chiangdao suffix , such as Kor Chiangdao, Euangsri Chiangdao, Chompoo Chiangdao and Tien Chiangdao. This characteristic draws trekkers and visitors from all over the world each year.

House Information
Cozycomo Chiang dao: Vieng Mek
4 guests

  • One master bed room with a queen size bed, spacious floor for family with small children to put extra sleeping bags/mattress.
  • one single bed on upstair balcony facing Doi Luang Chiangdao
  • One sofa bed ( Thai Teak Wood large bench -Tang)
  • One bathroom with hot shower.
  • Large living balconies facing Doi Luang Chiangdao.
  • One bathroom with hot shower.
  • Pantry with refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle, toaster
  • A shared kitchen/dining Sala fully equipped with proper cooking facilities, gas stove, BBQ grill. You may dine here or take the cooked dish to your house.

Kitchen/Dining Sala

Additional to the house’s pantry, we have provided a cooking/dining sala with proper kitchen and dining facilities where you can enjoy cooking  your meals proper. You may also eat here if you wish to. We prepare a good supply of pots and pans, dining cuteries, gas stove, BBQ. Please plan to spend your time here.

Find Your Way Around and About

Cozycomo is 2 km. off Ban Thum Village proper. There is only one road through the village where you can find small restuarants, bars, coffee shops and small groceries. Further away in Chiangdao district, 5 km approx., you can get almost everything you need. Bus station, banks, groceries, shops, beauty salons and so on.

Listing a few places around the house.

  • Doi Luang Chiangdao trekking. A limitation of visitors per day applies. Please arrange your booking in advance or contact us for more information.
  • Pha Plong Cave Temple – A respected Buddhist forest temple on Doi Luang Chiangdao. A good walk up in Thailand’s rich rain forest
  • Chiangdao Geiser where you can also eat Som Tum, grilled chicken and sticky rice after immersing in natural hot mineral water.
  • Ra Bieng Dao – getting a close look of Chiangdao towering peaks in a hill tribe village
  • Ra Bieng Dao – getting a close look of Chiangdao towering peaks in a hill tribe village


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